Country house in Krekshino

The interior of the private house with 250 m2
of common area is performed in the pop-art style. The choice of aesthetics was determined by
the large number of various works of art in
the customer's collection, and the need for
their harmonious unification within the space of the house.

Key materials are travertine, larch and white plaster. They create a neutral background for
the decor items. The premises of the cottage - three bedrooms, an office, a kitchen-dining room and a living room - are supplemented with pieces of furniture purchased at European auctions.

Paintings and photos are used in the decor of the transit premises of the country house
The dining space in the kitchen features various chairs and a round table with a glass top
Combining the wooden flooring and ceilings of the house makes it possible to focus on furniture
Windows in the bathroom create a natural lighting of space
The spacious bedroom is complemented by pop-art-style decor elements and glossy surfaces
Fragment of the bathroom partition is made in the form of a mosaic of multi-colored glass blocks
The sea foam green fence of the ladder ends with a permeable red element creating a pair with "piano chair" scarlet