Apartment at Sivtsev Vrazhek

Interior of a small apartment with an area of 60 m2 was designed for a young man. A permeable space with glass partitions and textured finishing materials: relief boards made of natural oak
in the bedroom and kitchen-dining room, as well as unpolished shale in the bathroom.

Modern style combined with a dark color scheme allowed to create a space that suits the customer's wishes in the best possible way. Cascade ceiling lighting with soft diffused light helped visually increase and raise space.
In 2017, the interior required adjustments due to the increase in the owner's family. The dressing room, separated from the main space by the canvas of glass, turned into a children's bedroom.

The central part of the apartment is a living room with a large velour sofa and a geometrically-shaped coffee table
Hidden lighting in the niche of the ceiling visually lifts it up and increases space
Deep black color fragments can be found in every room of the apartment
Unified visual solution - strips in the interior of the bedroom - can be traced in the lining of walls, floors, the choice of textiles and of blinds
The texture of the walls is balanced by smooth surfaces in the niche and on the ceiling of the bathroom