Apartment at the University

The apartment at the University is an area of more than 110 m2, where the task was to emphasize
the space - hence the Scandinavian style features. This type of design is characterized by the ability to visually increase space, moderation
of the decor, elements of natural light wood and the chosen color scheme.

The largest room of the apartment is the kitchen-living room. It is a room with a long light front and a wide arrangement of furniture. Kitchen cabinets, like many other pieces of furniture
in the bedrooms and restrooms, were created according to the drawings of our bureau.
The individuality of the furniture is also highlighted by the handles of different colors, sizes and shapes.

A wooden armchair is placed in the wide bay window of the bedroom, various types of floor lamps are installed for reading or rest
The bathroom is finished with natural materials - wood and stone, including dark shale
Round bowls of stone wash basins are equipped with French Jacob Delafon faucets from the collection "Toobi"
The zoning of the kitchen is provided by a two-part counter-island, as well as distinct finishing of the floor and ceiling
A TV set is built into the front of the counter, which provides an overview of the sofa area
The variety of glossy and mirror surfaces in the interior design creates additional visual space