The Arista team is offering complex interior design and architectural solutions: project development, implementation and supply.

Our task is to create a comfortable environment for successful people. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of lifestyle needs and requirements: we travel the world, investigate numerous solutions and styles and first-hand experience them. We are bound to be aesthetes and perfectionists. We are living and working in our in-house interior designs.

We engage only in projects we believe in and only in those that we can successfully deliver. We do respect and take into consideration opinion of our Client. However, we would strongly support and justify our opinion if it crucial for the final outcome. Comfort, quality, right combination of styles, decoration and interior design items – this is the greatest area of our focus.

We treasure time of our clients putting a lot of efforts to turn the original idea into a complex project that will be delivered on a turn-key basis. We are using “hands-on” approach starting from project design to specifications, equipment and project compliance control. The project shall be completed and presented to the Client when everything is perfect and we personally checked and verified the work.

We have been working in the architecture and design industry for over 15 years. We have gained a significant experience and impressive pool of partners over the years. We have relationships with key suppliers and we do have negotiation power. Our Client has just come up with the idea of getting a unique piece of furniture manufactured somewhere in Europe and we already know where and how to get it.

We absolutely love and enjoy what we are doing. This is our lifetime project. We know what responsibility means. We know all about expectations. We put our soul, energy and enthusiasm into our projects and we are keen on every detail.

Your confidence and trust are crucial for us. We want our clients to come back for new experience and exciting projects.